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My three young children are the joy of my life, but our home was really chaotic, with clothes, toys, books and crayons cluttering up the rooms – finding anything had become a real challenge and things were very disorganised. I contacted CREATIVE CUPBOARD CONCEPTS on a friend’s recommendation. They sent a knowledgeable and efficient team to consult with us, and they came up with an effective and creative solution to our problem, along with a very reasonable quote. A wonderful array of built-in cupboards, shelves and storage bins was installed in each of the children’s bedrooms, designed for our specific needs. The expert fitters did a highly professional job, and now the children’s possessions are stowed away and their rooms look positively ship-shape!

My kitchen was shabby and dated, but I could not consider the expense and disruption of a complete renovation and retiling. Instead I approached CREATIVE CUPBOARD CONCEPTS with a view to replacing the old metal kitchen cabinets with new built-in cupboards. Their knowledgeable consultants made wonderful, creative suggestions, not only offering me a huge choice of finishes and accessories, but also designing a whole system of cupboards and shelving to perfectly suit the kitchen and my particular vision. They installed the cupboards with professionalism and skill, and I was amazed by how quickly and efficiently the job was done. I now have beautiful veneered “shaker”-style panelled cupboards which have given me the stylish “country kitchen” I have always wanted. I highly recommend this company.

My dance studio needed a professional look, but my budget is extremely limited. CREATIVE CUPBOARD CONCEPTS had done some excellent work at my parents’ home, so I called them, and I am so glad that I did. They installed flat-pack built-in cupboards in my small office, providing me with ample space-saving storage space for my paperwork that is also neat and attractive, and their inspired idea of built-in storage bins in the dressing-room to serve as lockers for my students’ shoes and other possessions has made everything so tidy and organised. The fitters did such an efficient job of installing all this that the running of the studio was hardly interrupted, and the company did the work at a price that was extremely fair and affordable. This has made a huge difference to my studio’s image and my girls and I are very happy.

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