These are some frequently asked questions that may interest prospective clients  –

I am starting a small business on a tight budget and would like to save money by installing the cupboards in my home office as a DIY project – is this possible?
It is definitely possible and of course doing your own installation will cut down on costs. Our company often provides flat-pack built-in cupboard components to DIY customers, and they are actually simple to install if you have some experience with similar projects and own the appropriate tools. We will be happy to offer you comprehensive advice on installing the built-in cupboards yourself.

What are the advantages of flat-pack cupboards over pre-assembled cupboards?
Flat-pack components are extremely space-efficient, cutting down on storage and transportation costs, and these savings make them a more cost-effective options for our clients. An experienced company such as ours also favours them because pre-assembled cupboards, glued or nailed together, are not as durable as flat-pack sections, and can be damaged during transportation to your premises. Flat-pack components can be cut to specific required measurements by our highly-trained fitters on site, and then expertly installed.

I understand the convenience and space-saving advantages of built-in cupboards, but I don’t want to detract from the elegant decor of my home with cupboards that look cheap and artificial.
This will not be a problem because built-in cupboards come in such an enormous variety of styles and finishes. The materials used for the doors can vary from solid wood to ultra-modern melamine and the doors come in multiple styles – wrapped or veneered doors, squareline doors or panelled “shaker”-style doors. Even the accessories, such as hinges and handles, come in many different styles, colours and materials, so a reputable company such as ours will be able to offer you cupboards that are compatible with any style of interior design.

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